to the pages of the smallest (and sweetest 🙂 kitchen in Split called- Piccola cucina.


As you can see from our name, our food is Italian origin, or ancient Roman more precisely. However thousands years of improvements resulted in Dalmatian food definition of Mediterranean food. In short, this is Mediterranean food made of fresh local ingredients.

We add additional meaning to the therm “take a way food”. As a matter of fact only true component is speed, everything else (quality, freshness, recipes), belongs to domestic gastronomy. If you want, you don’t even have to take away food, if you want to eat immediately, there is always place for you to sit and eat fresh prepared food, and have some easy going small talk with owner. Why not 🙂


Mediterranean food carefully selected recipes uncompromising quality adapted for fast service for them who don’t want to sacrifice gastronomic experience only because they are hungry in a moment.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to try some of our top specialties!